The Legend – The Ford GT40

Ford GT40What an Iconic car! A finely detailed specimen will send shivers down the spins of most car enthusiasts (just speak to Mobile Car Detailing Perth about that), particularly if you blood runs ford blue. See it’s not just the curves of this car that get the blood going, nor is it the monster V8 sitting inches from behind you head. No it is a bit more than that, it is it’s history.
This car was purpose built for one reason and one reason only. Win Le Mans (aka beat Ferrari).

You see there was a fued between Ferrari and Ford. Henry Ford II had wanted a Ford at Le Mans since the early 1960’s. It was in 1963 that Ford had received word that Enzo Ferrari was considering selling out to Ford Motor Company. After several million dollars later Ford had carried out an audit into Ferrari and after all that time and money had been spent Enzo Ferrari opted out of the deal. This angered Henry Ford II who ordered his racing team to design a car with the sole purposes of beating Ferrari. Not only to beat them but to beat them at the most gruelling of races ‘Le Mans’; where Ferrari was currently dominating.
The Icon
After negotiation deals with companies to provide engines/ chassis a deal had been made and prototypes were underway. After some further modifications by Carol Shelby himself a legend was born. The Ford GT40.
This demon child of a car went on to win Le Mans 4 consecutive times in a row between 1966 -1969 including a first, second and third finish in 1966 with Henry Ford II himself in attendance. This was also the first win by an American manufacture, cementing the Ford GT40 in the history pages forever.
Fats forward to this century and the Ford GT40 has received a facelift. Firstly in 2005 with a slightly larger more accommodating cabin filled with modern technology while keeping the old curves of the original model. This model came out with a whooping 5.4l engine WITH a Supercharger. In more recent years a concept car has come out with a very modern take on the car. Now using a 6 cylinder engine but making the use of turbo’s to produce even more power. The styling is a bit sharper than previous models which has brought a bit of a love/hate relationship with car enthusiasts; that and the lack of v8 noise.
Even despite the newer versions the classic has sky rocketed in price and will always remain a cult classic. Long live the Ford GT40
New Model
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The Legend – The Ford GT40