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The Legend – The Ford GT40

Ford GT40What an Iconic car! A finely detailed specimen will send shivers down the spins of most car enthusiasts (just speak to Mobile Car Detailing Perth about that), particularly if you blood runs ford blue. See it’s not just the curves of this car that get the blood going, nor is it the monster V8 sitting inches from behind you head. No it is a bit more than that, it is it’s history.
This car was purpose built for one reason and one reason only. Win Le Mans (aka beat Ferrari).

Some of the fact about Sports Car of 2016 the Ford Mustang with a General Guide

The ford mustang is the American Muscle Car. The Mustang is providing its users a right hand drive car for the people of UK for the very first time in the 50 years history of Ford Mustang in UK with more economical approach and friendly to fuel. The 2016th edition of Ford Mustang is adding a heritage package to the trimming levels which includes racing stripes and a classy painted black roof. This 6th generation mustang is fully loaded with the latest Ford synchronized-3 system for providing the enhanced connectivity all the

Let’s talk about amazing facts about the all new Mustang

Quick facts about the 2016 Ford Mustang

  • It is now loaded with the 4 trim levels and a convertible of Fords. Four trim levels are V6, Ecoboost-GT, Ecoboost-premium, and last but not the least GT premium. Its engine can produce the 300 horsepower and a V-6’s 3.7 liter tank. Mustang GT is occupied with the 5.0 liter of V-8 class which can produce 435 horsepower with brilliant 400 lb.-ft. of torque.
  • New retro look is given to the GT premium with black aluminum of 19inches, a pony logo is given to the leather & suede inserts, hood & side stripes etc. with optional black painted roof.
  • Now it has the improved voice command system with more user friendly interface, a rear park asset sensor is also available to it.

It’s a true performance vehicleford-mustang-6-1

It is the best car ever produced in terms of strength and muscles and at present only 2 other cars are giving a tough competition to the Ford Mustang and these are Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger.

Although, among these cars the ford mustang has been given the best ratings in terms of features and specifications. It is truly the iconic car among the other classic cars around the world. It has an optimum value in terms of energy, performance, luxuriousness and the interior look. There are few cars which show the American individualism in the market and Ford Mustang is one of them.

shelby1It is truly admired for its interiors designs, powerful engine, iconic exterior look and stunning performance with spectacular crash tests. Ford mustang is also offering their clients a convertible car and which is ranks as the most brilliant convertible car in the world. Its rear wheels are properly refined and if we talk about its powerful engine then it is quite efficient and perfect as compared to the Nissan 350Z & Mazda RX-8 which are loaded with the V8 engines. Its engine comes with the two verities one is deluxe and the other one is premium & GT deluxe. They can provide you the enough power to burn the rubber of your tires.2016-ford-mustang-gt-v8-manual-grey-39

The all new Ford Mustang can give you clearly faster, sharper & refined experienced as compared to the old Mustang cars. It is totally up to you to choose between the automatic and manual shift in transmission, but the thrill and excitement remains the same in both the options.

What to know about the new Mustang?

You will get the reliable after sale treatment and huge warranty from the dealer. The powerful engine of new Ford MustangGT is more sensible loaded with powerful 4 cylinder engines and quite bold in nature alternative to the traditional 8 cylinder engine of V slung. It can produce incredible 312bhp of power now with more fuel efficient version.

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